speaking culinary with mouth wide shut

speaking culinary with mouth wide shut

EDT know that you want more from your night out. So whether you are looking for a pub, club or restaurant, we could find you the coolest most up and coming places in your local area.

If you fancy a bit of live music whilst you eat, we know some great little pubs that are guaranteed to go down well with your mates. Or if you would rather have a swanky meal in a gourmet eatery, we could send you there.

Perhaps, you have a special occasion to celebrate, a birthday, anniversary or even Christmas, we could point you in the right direction. If you have an allergy or intolerance, EDT know the perfect restaurants for you to lunch at.

From pub lunches to quiet café coffees, no matter what your occasion, we could have something to suit your tastes. It is never easy finding an uncrowned spot for a quiet drink on a Friday night, but EDT know the places where you will get seated.

On a busy Saturday night, you and your mates don’t want to miss out on the action. No matter what your style, a quiet drink, a swanky cocktail bar or a rowdy club, we will do our best to send you on your way there.

At weekends, you may need to book tickets for some venues. If there is a special event on in a pub or a club, such as a big band or DJ, it may be best to buy your tickets in advance. Some venues will sell tickets on the doors if there are any left.
Get yourself out and try something new this evening with EDT.


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